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Traders Fair World Shop - Colchester

The Traders Fair World Shop based in Lion Walk United Reformed Church, Colchester (next to Costa!)


Glass Wares - Traders Fair World Shop

Fair trade recycled glass from CRISIL, a glass-making factory situated in Cochabamba, central Bolivia.
“Now I have a family, wife and children, and this is the place to be to earn a secure income".
Mario Quispe
Master Glass Blower
Crisil, Bolivia


Wooden Puzzles - Traders Fair World Shop

Gospel House in Madampe, Southern Sri Lanka, seeks to provide employment opportunities for disadvantaged young people, often with no educational qualifications.
GH supports many small craft groups and through its work, many women have been trained and empowered. Tsunami-relief funds have enabled the establishment of a number of new micro-enterprises, which Gospel House has helped to resource.


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Traders Fair Shop Lion Walk Precinct Colchester

Traders Fair World Shop

Colchester's Independent Fair Trade Shop

Our products are certified.

Fairly traded foods carry Fairtrade logo:

We buy fairly traded crafts from BAFTS members, FLO members, or WFTO members

This guarantees that the non-food items we carry are fairly traded.

Producers are often women, families or small groups and a steady fair income makes a huge difference to their lives. They also receive advice on product development to increase access to markets and a commitment to long term relationships to provide stability and security. In many cases it helps them to continue their traditional skills and invest in environmentally friendly production.

Fair Trade promotes sustainable development and fights poverty. Focusing on marginalised producers and small farmers and workers in the South, Fair Trade has helped millions escape from poverty. Fair Trade supports organic agriculture and the use of recycled materials as well as the sustainable use of natural resources and production methods that are not capital or oil intensive.

Fair Trade also campaigns for a trading system that puts people’s livelihoods central to trading to promote social, economic and environmental justice.

Our stock

We sell a range of fairly traded foods and crafts many of which are from smaller producers who do not reach the supermarket shelves so are difficult to find elsewhere.

Why not try...

Madécasse chocolate

  • Did you know that Africa grows 70% of the world's cocoa yet produces less than 1% of the world's chocolate?

  • Madacasse Chocolate in Madagascar have set up a social enterprise that makes delicious Fairtrade chocolate bars.

  • Made on the Island there is an added benefit of creating income for more than 200 people through jobs in chocolate making, packaging and production.

Fair Trade Fruit

  • Sundried mango and pineapple supplied by Tropical Wholefoods from Cercle des Secheurs.

  • CDS was formed in 1994 by five founding members all using solar and appropriate drying technology.

  • Three of the founding members were cooperatives, of which two were women's cooperatives.


  • Chutneys and jams owe rich and subtle flavours to fruit ripened in the Swazi sun.

  • Hand - prepared by the women's group Eswatini, which employs some 30 women.

  • Helps the women and many small - farmers who supply them to pay medical and school bills and to save for a pension


Beautiful Wooden Toys

Golden Palm

  • Set up to assist local craftspeople to sell their fair trade products on the international market and receive a fair price.

  • Objective to create employment in the rural areas of Sri Lanka.

"To all the people who are helping us we say, please continue to help us because we need your support. Trade is the best form of aid and it brings out the self-esteem of an individual to help them to stand on their feet."
Ravi Jayawardena, Golden Palm, Sri Lanka


Recycled Glass


Is a glass-making factory situated in Cochabamba, central Bolivia.

  • Family owned business begun by two brothers, Carlos and Walter Bustos.

  • Currently employs around 100 people as well as providing employment for used-bottle collectors who supply the factory with glass for recycling.

  • CRISIL has been involved in product development consultation and been given technical assistance in recent years to help the business develop.


Environmentally Friendly Goods

We also sell some environmentally friendly goods which do not carry a Fair trade mark. This is fulfilling the 2nd objective of the company to promote responsible use of the world’s resources and environment.

Keep an eye on our NEWS section for prices, special offers, new products, producers’ information and events.


Sale or Return boxes for Organisations and Events

If you are looking for items to sell at your church, organisation, local event or school, without any Initial outlay, then a sale or return box may be for you!

What are Sale or Return Boxes?

Boxes have a basic selection of Fair Trade food, or crafts, or both for you to sell and leaflets and information.

Why have one?

  • You only pay for the items you have sold.

  • By selling them you are helping to raise awareness of fair trade products

  • Any profits raised help to fund Traders Fair World Shop and buy more products.

  • A box allows you to find out the most popular products with no risk of losing money.

  • If you are thinking of setting up a more permanent outlet we can help you with possible suppliers and websites.

  • If you are unable to do your own buying we are happy to put together a box for you at any time on request.

How to get one

Phone or e-mail giving us at least three weeks notice. Simply collect the box from the shop in Lion Walk Church or by arrangement. Everything comes priced and listed. You return after an agreed period with the money for goods sold. There is NO CHARGE for this service.

Retail Outlet is at:

Lion Walk United Reformed Church, Lion Walk Precinct, Colchester, Essex CO1 1LX
Tel: 07799 345483

Opening hours: Wednesday 10.00am to 4.00pm.




Retail Outlet is at:

Lion Walk United Reformed Church, Lion Walk Precinct, Colchester, Essex CO1 1LX

Tel: 07799 345483

Opening Hours:

All day Wednesday:
- 4.00pm


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